How to send SMS?
Configure sending settings before sending SMS. more about Sending Setting
At very first you have to download the APK. You never find this app in play store.
You can find the APK from bellow download link- https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1_Bkxp7pFvt8SiW4UzuSzzEfBhsw4v4tz?usp=sharing After installing the APK can connect with PicoMSG by scanning QR code.
Login as a customer and go to Customer Panel >> Sms Box >> Quick Send(ex url: https://gateway.picotech.app/smsbox/compose)
You can choose Device , Select Recipient and write Message body from here and directly send or schedule SMS.
After creating the campaign/quick send from admin panel you have to open APK and run the play button. After that SMS will send using your default SIM.
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